If you have been visiting this site for any length of time, you know that I end most pages with "STAY ALERT...STAY VIGILANT". With the change in the world in the last couple of years, you now know that I was right. The formation of "Homeland Security" and the "Alert Status" was not only necessary, but must be a part of our everyday lives. We have been living that way for years. But what has been unveiled recently by our sources is especially un-nerving. The discovery of chemical weapons and nuclear weapons being hidden right here in our own country. In almost every house in the U.S. you can find at least some form of a "Weapon of Mass Destruction", believe it or not. When the U.S. revealed that is had proof of Iraq's weapons program, most did not accept it. We also offererd additional evidence, though this has been dismissed by the mainstream media and even our local officials. (For details visit: )

Some of the evidence that the government did not want released, for what ever reason, was revealed to us by our sources in Washington, D.C. Evidence that Iraq was storing certain chemicals not considered by themselves dangerous, but combined could be used as weapons. While the government may have wanted to avoid any panic, we feel it must be known to Americans that these very chemicals are available here in the U.S. and are in most households. The following images may be disturbing, but prove our claims.

Above: Bush reveals the discovery of Iraqi baking soda and vinegar being stored together in Saddam's palace.

The evidence of baking soda and vinegar being stored in Iraq was purposely left out of the Colin Powel's presentation the the UN. While these products in themselves propose no threat, when combined and placed in a sealed container, they can provide a small explosion spraying the area with the chemicals. If you have ever gotten vinegar in a cut or your eye, you then know what a painful experience this can be. Imagine the terror caused by these weapons placed in malls, supermarkets and the like. They need not even be transported as they already exist in these places and even in most homes. Indeed we secretly investigated many homes in our neighborhoods and found many bathrooms and kitchens with these same items. The Iraqis dismissed this claim saying that the reason they have such stock piles is that Saddam likes the whitening power of baking soda for his dazzling smile.

But the Bush administration countered that this was exactly the proof they needed. A recent photo of Usama Bin Laden shows he is not only alive, but with a vastly improved smile after obviously using the Iraqi baking soda. "That there proves the Iraqi connection. We knew Saddam was supplyin Bin Laden because his smile is now much brighter. He couldn't get no toothpaste after we blew up his bathroom with a cruise missile. Before ya know it, all of Al Qaeda will have bright smiles!", said Bush. Secretary of State Rumsfeld said that was part of the plan of Al Qaeda to improve their image by improving their smiles.

Above left: Baking soda stockpile being delivered to Saddam's palace.

Above mid: Iraqi photo of Blair smile demonstrating the devastating effects of not using baking soda.

Above right: Improved Bin Laden smile by using Iraqi baking soda.

The Iraqi spokesperson went as far as to say that if British Prime Minister Tony Blair would use baking soda as Saddam does, he would not have such a hideous smile. They claim this is one of the reasons that the world sides with Saddam. "Now the U.S. wants to take away Saddam's smile! What's next?", said the Iraqi spokesman.

We also discovered that many Americans were unknowingly storing "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in their own homes. Also discovered along with baking soda and vinegar were bleach and ammonia, which when combined can make a poisonous cloud of "chlorine gas". The warning of combining these products is even stated on the label which gives any terrorist instant instructions on how to assemble these weapons. What were the producers of these products thinking?

Above: Bleach and Ammonia stored under sink in U.S. household.

In addition to all this, Bush was reported to be furious when he heard that nuclear weapons were in North America. "Hell's fire! First North Korea and now North America!! How far away are they from us?!", cried Bush. Vice President Cheney then explained to Mr. Bush that the U.S. was in North America. Bush said that if Al Qaeda indeed had sleeper cells in the U.S. that access to nuclear weapons would be easy for them. It had to be explained to the President Bush that these nuclear weapons were indeed our own and were under guard by the U.S. militiary under the most strict conditions. " less thing to worry about! Don't spook me like that again!", Bush said.

It was then decided that Attorney General Ashcroft would create a "Patriot Act Part 2" which would give the government more freedom to ensure the safety of the country. "Only by taking away liberties today can we ensure our freedom for tomorrow" , said Ashcroft. Though some objected that maybe this would seem too intrusive he responded that it was the only way to get a look under every sink in America to be sure there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction being hidden on purpose or even by accident. "Americans have to be protected from themselves as well as terrorists!", Ashcroft was quoted.

We only can hope that these sweeping new government controls will be used only for good and never for evil. As always, intel is always forthcoming. Until then,




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