August 15, 2003: No electricity for 50 million U.S. citizens! Suddenly and without warning Americans found out just how vulnerable they are and how quick life can change. But what caused the black out? Many said it was a failing and antiquated power grid. Some said it was the U.S. testing new weapons. Some even said it was terrorism, vehemently denied by the government to help stem panic. But we know what happened and have been waiting for this to occur. The last attempt by the UN/NWO/Amish alliance to disrupt technology and force America to it's knees was Y2K. It was a failure due to the vigilance of patriots that got out the word and foiled the plan of the Amish to enslave us on giant Amish slave farms and force us to do all their labor or go without food and shelter.(click for details) We prevented the Y2K attack and have been waiting ever since for their next attempt.

Above left: "Lantern Lasers" based in Space

Above right: Ground based laser reflectors

However, this was only a test. A new weapon has been placed on the International Space Station by the Amish and it is designed to disrupt electricity by targeting power stations with a combination of "lantern lasers" , and relay reflectors on the ground in Lancaster. Once again I suggest using the "Aluminum foil and alcohol defense". For those of you not familiar with it, make a hat of three layers of Aluminum foil and consume alcohol. (An intoxicated mind is hard to influence) I now suggest lining all windows with aluminum foil, including your car. You will have those that will make fun of you and even the authorities will challenge you. A policemen forced my wife to remove the foil from her car windows, proving he is in with the UN/NWO Amish alliance.

Above left: Amish Spy with "Lantern Laser Reflector"

Above right: Same Amish spy with weapons previously photographed in Lancaster

Imagine a full blown attack and a nation without power. Wait one week and you would have a population eager to embrace kerosene lights and candles. From there it is just a hop, skip and jump to wearing black clothes without buttons and quilting and 4AM milking. In New York we saw many folks gathering around candles and walking. A couple days of walking and the quaint buggy that so many find amusing on the roads of Pennsylvania would suddenly look like a Mercedes. An experiment in conditioning as well as a test of equipment was planned and executed flawlessly by the Amish. They loved what they saw. We observed Amish spies in New York and some even were handing out lanterns to grateful and but unknowing people. They were being conditioned to accept and even love the lantern and candle. Thousands walked home. Bottled water had to be used in Cleveland. An Amish pump and dipper would be very hand there. Coincidence?...I THINK NOT!!!

Amish instructing first time candle user in New York

Imagine if you will two weeks of this scenario and it happening simultaneously in all the major cities. You have just witnessed "Amish Shucks and Awe". How quickly we can be influenced and changed. I say we must resist. The mayor of New York is advocating conserving power. I say we are playing into the Amish hand. I suggest that we increase our use of power to show the Amish we will not bow to energy conservation. Run your air conditoners with the doors open, burn all lights, leave your refrigerators and freezers open. We will show the Amish we will not bend to their ways!!

As always, intel will be forthcoming, until then, "Stay Alert, Stay Vigilant"


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